Join us for the 4th Annual Les Figues Press Benefit Auction + Fundraiser



Enter the Field of Play! Amazing Art! Delicious Food! Ambient Sound Field Research!

Sunday | October 17, 2010 | 5:00-8:00 PM
6522 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Emcees: Matias Veigener and Anna Joy Springer
Performances by Tisa Bryant, Vanessa Place, Martin Glaz Serup and the Killsonic Women’s Chorus
Live hand-drawn portraits by Sean Sullivan and Alex Gonzales
Food by Saehee Cho of The Sprout and The Bean

Art and More by: Amanda Montei, Andy Kolar, Ari Kletzky, Betsy Lin Seder, Bhanu Kapil, Brian Kim Stefans, Chris Danes, Christopher Richmond, Coco Owen, Connie Samaras, Danielle Adair, Daniel Hockenson, David Ansen, Dawson Weber, Dino Dinco, Divya Victor, Dodie Bellamy, Dong Hoon Jun, Encyclopedia Project, eohippus labs, Friends & Relations, Finishing School, Harold Abramowitz, Howard Chiang, Janice Lee, Jen Hofer, Jenny Yurshansky, Jill Magi, Joanne Mitchell, Joe Milazzo, Joseph Mattson, Jon Rutzmoser, Kara Tanaka, Kathleen Hanna, Kathrin Burmester, Katrin Jurati, Ken Gonzales-Day, Kenneth Goldsmith, Kevin Killian, Lan Pham, Larkin Higgins, Las Cienegas Projects, Lisa Ohweiler, Manya Fox, Marcus Civin, Mary Corey, Mathew Timmons, Material Press, Maxine Hong Kingston, Melissa Buzzeo, Molly Corey, Patrick Hill, Renee Petropoulos, Rob Ray, Saehee Cho, Samira Yamin, Sarah Balcomb, Sawako Nakayasu, Shelley Jackson, Sylvia Immel, Stephanie Allespach, Stephanie Taylor, Steven Bankhead, Susan Silton, Thor Evenson, Vanessa Place, Yedda Morrison plus plus.

Gift certificates and donations from: Ballet Bodies, Book Soup, Center Theater Group, Counterpoint Records & Books, Goodhead, Hammer Museum, Jasmine Blue Flower Shop, K9 Loft, Machine Project, Portrait of a Bookstore, Redcat, Skylight Books,

Plus: Flight Lessons, Voice Coaching, Teeth Whitening, Attorney Consultation, In-Home Dog Boarding, Summer Preserves, Personalized Movie List, Get Your Website Made, Cat Behavior Consultation, Energy Reading, Talk to the Dead, and Tutoring for your Child.