Edited by Hubert van den Berg, Irmeli
Hautamäki, Benedikt Hjartarson, Torben Jelsbak, Rikard Schönström, Per
Stounbjerg, Tania Ørum and Dorthe Aagesen
York, NY 2012. 680 pp. (Avant-Garde Critical Studies 28)
978-90-420-3620-8                                    Bound
978-94-012-0891-8                                    E-Book
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Cultural History of the Avant-Garde in the Nordic Countries
is the first publication to deal with the avant-garde in the Nordic
countries at the start of the twentieth century. The essays cover a wide range
of avant-garde manifestations in arts and culture: literature, the visual arts,
painting as well as photography, architecture and design, film, radio, and
performing arts like music, theatre and dance.
It is the first major historical work to
consider the Nordic avant-garde in a transnational perspective which includes
all the arts and to discuss the role of the avant-garde not only within the
aesthetic field, but in a broader cultural context. It examines the social and
cultural context of the avant-garde: its media, its locations, its reception and
audiences, the transmissions between Scandinavia and Europe, and its cultural
The essays trace the connections between the
avant-garde and the cultural discourses of contemporary currents such as
revolutionary socialism, radical nationalism and occultism, and discuss
questions of gender, ideology and politics, geographical location and
technological innovation. The cultural history thus focuses on the role of the
avant-garde in shaping the ideas of cultural modernity in the Nordic countries.

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