This from Ken Friedman, which I thought might be of interest if you
haven’t seen it already.

Dear Colleague,

The Fluxus Reader has been out of print for many years now. In the run-
up to 2012, I’ve been getting requests for copies — I don’t have any,
and I don’t know anyone who does. It’s clearly been a desirable book
for some time. Owen Smith told me that he was already seeing used
copies at $300 a few years back. Today, I did an Amazon search for
used copies, and I found prices running from $449 up to $2,500! (The
expensive copy seems to have a drawing in it, but even the “cheap”
copies cost too much.)

For a while, now I’ve wanted to make a free digital edition available,
but the small typeface has made it difficult to get a clean copy.
Rebecca Parker, manager of the Research Bank here at the Swinburne
University library has gone to an expert outside service to prepare,
digitize, and proof The Fluxus Reader. The digital copy is now
available for download at:

Download times are swift over the next, but the complete book runs
36MB. To make it easy for those who only wish one chapter, Ms. Parker
has also prepared a single PDF for each chapter for use as stand-alone
texts. To preserve the coherence and continuity of the book, Rebecca
set each chapter up with the front matter for the entire book.

The book is an open access edition, configured for full search and
accessible for copy and paste for scholars or students who wish to
quote from the book. All details and pages are identical with the
print edition. The PDF files are set to print out on a full-page
format for easy reading.

In my contract with the publisher, I kept the copyright of the book as
editor. In making the digital edition of the Fluxus Reader available,
I do so granting full permission for use in any format or medium.

Please feel free to share this information, to distribute the URL, or
to copy the book. Any library that wishes to add the Fluxus Reader to
its digital resources collection is free to do so.

Best regards,