Friday 22:
Lokale: 24.4.01 (60 prs.)

10-12:30: The Little magazines of the historical avant-garde:
Nikolaj Lübecker: “The Literary Communism of the
Jacob Greve: ”Transitions and the relations among the various
little magazines”

12:30-14: Lunch

14-17: The Little Magazines of the postwar avant-garde:
Claus Clüver: “Brazilian magazines of the 50s, 60s, and 70s: Noigandres, Invenção, Código and others”.
Tania Ørum: ”A Small Magazine of the 1960s: Digte for en daler”

Screening of ”El Corno Emplumado/The Plumed Horn – A Story from the 1960s” (Anne Mette Nielsen/Nico Beltrán) Lokale 27.0.09.

Saturday 23:
Lok. 27.0.09 (60 prs.)
10-12: The Little Magazines of the postwar avant-garde:
Max Ipsen: ”ta’- a cross-aesthetic magazine of the 1960s”
Thomas Hvid Kromann: ”MAK: A (short-lived) bridge between the danish avant-garde of the sixties and the broader political consciousness of the seventies.”

12-13.30: Lunch

Little Magazines from the 1960s Until Today
Per Bäckström: ”Guru Papers: The Rise and Fall of a Little Magazine”
Jesper Olsson: ”Rondo, Gorilla, OEI – The Poetics and Politics of Editing in Three Swedish Literary Magazines”
Paal Bjelke Andersen: ” Editing at the Crossroads of Languages”