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Martin Glaz Serup was born in 1978, PhD, has published eight children’s

, several chapbook, as well
as  seven collections of poetry. His books are translated and published outside of Denmark in Sweden, Finland, Germany, the United States and Mexico. In 2013 Relationel Poetry appeared
as his first academic book; a critical essay on (conceptual) poetry, politics
and relational aesthetics
. Serup was the founding editor of the literary
journal Apparatur (2001-2004) and of
the Nordic web-magazine for literary critism Litlive (2004-2008). Also he is the former editorial assistant of the poetrymagazine Hvedekorn (2005-2007)He has been blogging at Kornkammer since 2005, and from
2011 to 2017 with the literary collective Promenaden.

He is teaching at the Writer’s School for Children’s Literature at The University
of Aarhus and Poetics and Creative Writing the University of Copenhagen.