March 9th at 7:00 pm
@PUBLICATION STUDIO/ FASAD, Ystadvägen 13 Dalaplan
℅ In Edit Mode Press
on stage:
Hanna Hallgren
Ida Börjel
Athena Farrokhzad
recorded readings:
Aud Olsen & Arve Kleiva, Super DISCOUNT
Vemund Solheim Ådland, EteProfylaktisk skjønnhet and Repetisjon og åpenbaring
Lars raattamaa, epilog from Ett tunt underlag
Monica Aasprong, Soldatmarkedet
Super DISCOUNT, Aud Olsen
Konsumentköplagen: juris lyrik, Ida Börjel
Try Gin & Bak gardinene, Vemund Solheim Ådland
Soldatmarkedet, Monica Aasprong
Ett tunt underlag, G=T=B=R=G
W;s dagböcker, Jenny Tunedal
Dies: A Sentence & Notes on Conseptualisms, Vanessa Place/ Rob Fitterman
I AM HELENA ERIKSSON, (retrato d’un felo), Claude Royet-journoud
Untitled, Derek Beaulieu
curator/ designer: Judith Nærland
editorial board: Arve Kleiva, Jørn H. Sværen, Gro Nordheim & Martin M. Sørhaug
AUDIATUR PRINT is a series of art prints conceived as a space where design and conceptual texts can converge. The two first installments in the series, (2009 & 2010) include three Norwegian, three Scandinavian and three international authors. Derivative of its context as well as of each individual piece and sensitized to the concept of the physical format—its concretion, AUDIATUR PRINT is a defiant transaction pliantly branded and commercialized for its audience; an anthology at the readers discretion, or if you please, a poster; a postcard; a flyer[1]. The smallest book, two pages, four if folded.
[1](A4, A5 og A8 doubled), printed in 500 copies offset on an uncoated paper with good durabilty (240 g Munken Pure) in two solid colours, orange og dark grey (PMS021 og PMS425), and set in two typefaces (Rotis og Akzidenz Grotesk), delivered plano, not scored.
PUBLICATION STUDIO releases four new titles in two publication series: Dan O’Sullivan’s Stolen Fragments and Joseph A. W. Quintela’s BlackMarket in a series entitled Plagiarism, exploring plagiarisation as an artistic strategy, and Ross Brighton’s beck: nothing, to be done and Peder Alexis Olsson’s Narrative Structures in a series of texts entitled Beloved Bastard, re-appropriating work from the modernist literary canon.