This is an open call for anyone who wishes to submit a short recording of laughter (and whatever chortles, guffaws, and miscellaneous snorting that may be considered as falling within the definition of laughter) to the Laugh Museum project. The sound files can be in any format (wav, mp3, etc.) The laughter should be an original recording made by the person submitting it of themselves or someone they know. Along with the file, I’d like the name (last name optional), age, location of the person laughing.and the date of the recording.

What are the recordings for:

1. They will be posted at The Laugh Museum website ( as part of an international online museum of laughter.
2. They will be part of a multi-speaker installation project and accompanying electroacoustic composition.

Recordings of laughter can be submitted to

I’m looking forward to your laughter.

Please feel free to post widely.